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New CUPRA Leon e-Racer
new CUPRA Leon e racer fully electric sports car with no emissions side view on race track

Racing redefined

The future of racing.

The world’s first 100% electric racing car gets a new dynamic design. A powerful machine, no emissions.

new CUPRA Leon e racer first fully electric race car with zero emissions front view on race track

Competition ready

Strong, yet silent.

The CUPRA Leon e-Racer electric sports car can run up to 680hp and reaches 12,000 revolutions on a single reduction ratio of 1:5.6.

new CUPRA Leon e racer high speed electric sports car rear view on race track

Electric Sports Car

Full speed ahead.

Going from 0 to 62 mph in just over 3 seconds, it can reach speeds of up to 167 mph. All on electric power.

new CUPRA Leon e racer electric sports car close up of front wheel

Energy efficient

Go the distance.

Its 4 engines are powered by 6,072 battery cells, recovers energy from regenerative braking and deceleration.

new CUPRA Leon e racer electric sports car close up side view

Advanced technology

Everything within reach.

The central touch screen allows the driver to monitor and transfer relevant data related to the electric system and the car’s performance in real time.